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Nicole, one of our founders, was recognized for her commitment to providing outstanding quality child care at the "Third Annual National Child Care Providers Awards Ceremony" held in September 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.


Awards & Media

German television (ZDF) filmed at our school on November 4, 2010. See the video here: Deutscher Kindergarten in Seattle

October 2010 issue has an article about our award winning preschool.

See the Video Child Care Provider of the Week: Nicole Chaudry
In Seattle, Washington, there’s a special place where preschoolers are given a passport to foreign lands and language without even leaving the city..

Willkommen! Bienvenidos! Ni Hao!

EuropaKids International Preschool is the perfect place for your little one to become a truly global child by learning a new language and culture while preparing for the upcoming elementary school years.

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Our unique approach  to international preschool education is one based on educating and nurturing every aspect of a preschooler’s development.Emotionally, Socially, Physically, and Cognitively. As we help teach our students to be global citizens, we remain committed to concentrating on foundational skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, physical coordination, early literacy, cooperation, and control.

Our schools use language immersion as the method of teaching their new languages. Our immersion method is based upon the idea that children learn best when they are in a natural and warm learning environment and are spoken to 100% of the time in these new target languages. Utilizing practical and fascinating monthly themes, our curriculum integrates music, motor skills, math, social development, and of course, language into everything we do throughout the day.

Everyday situations and objects are the perfect opportunity to practice articulating subjects like colors, shapes, numbers, volume, distance, and length, over and over again, until a basic understanding of the language develops. We have integrated the "HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS©" handwriting program. 

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