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Our Teachers are Highly Trained

Each member of the EuropaKids family goes through a rigorous training program to ensure that your little ones are in the best hands possible. All EuropaKids teachers are native speakers of their language and we encourage them to put their own cultural spin on introducing your child to their new world. Slight differences in tone or vocabulary help you child develop a real appreciation for the beauty of each language. Not only is it important for our teachers to be nurturing and sensitive to your child's needs, it is imperative that they receive recurrent training in bilingual education, early childhood development, and child safety related issues.


Forming a Bond with your Family

EuropaKids' teachers share a special bond with you and your family that many other childcare providers are envious of. Learning a second or third language at such an early age is a tremendous achievement. Our teachers are there to be your partner in your child’s language adventure and to ensure that the communication between us is both inspiring and productive.


Low Teacher to Student Ratios

Our low teacher to student ratio is one of many reasons why EuropaKids is the best way for your child to start their multilingual journey. Each teacher has the time to really focus on each individual and their unique needs and learning styles.


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About Us

EuropaKids International Preschool started in 2006 as a German-Language only preschool in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. Over the next few years, it became apparent that Seattle was ready for a new type of preschool experience. As our reputation has grown, so have the number of locations and languages. We expanded our target languages to include German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Many of the neighborhoods where our schools are located are multicultural and we hope that our internationally focused program will help our families gain an appreciation for these exciting cultures that live near them.


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