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Ni Hao! Namaste! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola!

At EuropaKids we celebrate the many cultures and traditions of our world by focusing on a different target country each month. We integrate music, language, food, and dance into our monthly curriculum and learn about these countries through exploration and discovery.
We have learned about Pakistan, Japan, Egypt, Madagascar, El Salvador, Germany and many other countries over the past years and our children have gained a global awareness and appreciation of how people of the world live.

language immersion: The earlier, the better!!!

The pre-school age is simply the best age for children to acquire a second language! Research studies show that children learn a second language or third language more easily before the age of eight years. The immersion method has been well known for many years - especially in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain and more recently, in Spain, Finland and France.

In Germany, several international schools and kindergartens have achieved excellent results with immersion, e.g. the Verbund in Altenholz and many kindergartens in Saarland, which are close to the French border and have many German-French kindergartens. Immersion is certified to be the best known way of teaching a new language to children of a young age. Immersion moivates the child to learn without any pressure. Fears that the child's own mother tongue could suffer are unfounded. The opposite is the case! The advantages of a true immersion language program and its influense upon their language skills are well researched. There is no better way to expand their capabilities with respect to all three of the main functions of language: thinking, communicating, and learning about one's culture.

Read Seattle-Post Intelligencer article:"The best time to learn a foreign language: Between birth and age 7. Missed that window?"

At Home

Parents don't have to use or know the new language and they do not have to sit down and practice with their child. Parents should merely be open towards immersion.

Always an Asset

There are still too few opportunities to continue this immersion at primary school level. But in any case, once you have laid this foundation of an early second language in pre-school, it will never be lost. The child will always benefit from learning this second language or an additional foreign language more easily - even if it takes years till the lessons are picked up in a normal school. Experts rate the greater social and cognitive competence of immersion children as an extremely valuable asset. A second language is a gift. Especially when it is learned effortlessly and through daily play activities in an immersion environment.

Forming a Bond with Your Family

EuropaKids teachers share a special bond with you and your family that many other childcare providers are envious of. Learning a second or third language at such an early age is a tremendous achievement. Our teachers are there to be your partner in your child’s language adventure and to ensure that the communication between us is both inspiring and productive.

Europakids Philosophy

Two languages are a gift. In a bilingual environment the children learn the second language as easily as their own mother tongue.

This system is well-known from years of experience with children who have grown up in a bilingual family environment. Early contact with a new language forms the basis for better cognitive development. EuropaKids uses this reality to lay the foundation for future language growth. An outstanding pre-K curriculum coupled with a 100% immersion instructional program based upon progressive instructional methods is the perfect way to start their adventure!

Children in a bilingual environment become more aware of their own language and learn to think and act in more flexible ways. They develop a better ability to understand other people's way of thinking and have a better understanding for people who speak a different language. In addition, they have access to multi-media resources in the new language (books, movies and Internet!)

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